Winners from June 17, 2011

1st Place: The Essence of Evanescence by L.A. Henderson
Party breathy-surreal and melancholy, The Essence of Evanescence is a challenge to the poets out there to outdo Henderson in charm. While written in prose, this piece reads in haunting, lyrical form. One feels the wilting of the magnolia, the fall of the cherry blossom, the passing of warm water into cold here. Henderson has summed up both the beauty and the transience of the summer and its bounty--howsoever one defines 'bounty.' We challenge our poets out there to one-up her next week.
Download and read The Essence of Evanescence.
2nd Place: Ari and Lina's Spectacular Summer of Fun by Keayva Mitchell
Mitchell can't make up her mind here: poem or prose? Like Henderson, she captures the elements of each to transform this piece into a blissful record of summer contemplation--one, we suspect, we'll all find familiar. Lines of poetry interject the dialogue between two friends, bringing subtext to otherwise straight-forward interaction. Is there a romance between these two? Or simply a depth of friendship unknown by one but deeply felt by the other? It's a story written more by guesses than by authorial direction, but then, that's a bit like summer, too, isn't it?
Download and read Ari and Lina's Spectacular Summer of Fun.

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