Winners from May 13, 2011

1st Place: Searching for Fairytales by Keayva Mitchell
Mitchell brings us another enchanting piece that plays on the week's optional prompts, which asked the writer to focus on parents and their fundamental role. It's alternatively uneasy and beautiful, but lives and breathes as a seamless narrative force toward a conclusion we think all our readers will appreciate.
Download and read Searching for Fairytales.
2nd Place: Uterus, 15 by Marie Chatfield
Chatfield also took up the challenge of the optional prompt and gave us this short, powerful work written from the perspective of a young mother. Too often, we neglect the mother in pursuit of the infant's interests; Chatfield reminds us that young mothers frequently undergo a dehumanization process that can weaken and discourage them. It's a full- circle narrative in a handful of paragraphs.
Download and read Uterus, 15.
3rd Place: tattoo by Theodora Georgescu
Georgescu, too, gives us short piece that revolves around the unique role of parents in the social fabric. Based around intense, vivid imagery, tattoo will surprise its readers with the richness of its layers and final lines.
Download and read tattoo.

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