Winners from May 7, 2010

1st Place: Zane D. Coalpepper & Associate by Kaitlyn Brown
Brown's lighthearted and mischievous piece takes us to an America of dreamy yesteryear. As intimate and personable as it is fun, Zane D. Coalpepper & Associate brings the reader to a sleepy little town about to wake up. From start to finish, Brown's piece is a light, joyful read.
Download and read Zane D. Coalpepper & Associate.
2nd Place: America Was Not Made For Us by Margaret Freeman
This free-form poem by Freeman explores the dissonance between the imagined land of dreams envisioned hundreds of years ago and the reality today. Once a destination in itself, the American dream is just the grim reality to some, a dream they now seek to escape.
Download and read America Was Not Made For Us.
3rd Place: Flaming by Brayden Hirsch
Once again making an appearance, Hirsch brings us to a world changed. To call this piece 'post-apocalyptic' would fail to do it justice. Written more as an intro to a larger novel, and less as a stand-alone piece, we're left wanting even more than what Hirsch gives us. Alternating between lyrical reflection and brash description, Flaming will, at the very least, leave you wanting more.
Download and read Flaming.
Editor's Choice: Her Angry Heart by Caroline Bybee
In this simple, evocative piece, Bybee shows us the loneliness of grief through the perspective of a child. Alternating simple sensation with stark reality, Her Angry Heart weaves a desolate, understated experience. Bybee's work will leave the reader heart-sore, and seeking answers, too.
Download and read Her Angry Heart.

Featured Publication

A Pilot's Guide to Washington

This book is a guidebook for private aviators in Washington State, or folks visiting the State. Washington State is among the most beautiful and diverse states in the Union. There are flat and dry desserts, stunning basalt formations, towering mountains, rolling grass hills, thick rain forests, island archipelagos, and lakes and rivers and straits and sounds. Well, one sound. And we have roughly a billion airports to visit. (I'm exaggerating slightly.) It would be shame to be a pilot living in or visiting Washington State and not deeply partake of the richness of this opportunity.

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